About The KND

Our little deviant set is called The Killer Next Door (TheKND), but we are not the killer next door. This name refers to the injustices in the world that we paint, write, and speak in opposition to. We are a family of friends with similar goals, but different opinionated outlooks on life. We are based in Oklahoma and have branched out through Arizona, Oregon, and Texas. Our minds are spoken through many visual and audio persuasions that hopefully wake up ze brain.

…….Why did The KND start? In ze year 2000, Pallas and Mr. Haveldids and Nots started a hardcore punk band called The Killer Next Door. We were the angsty singers accompanied by the fellas from The Snotrokitz. When we split up, Pallas and I moved towards a more art-oriented project which brought Father Phil into the picture. Soon after, other folks with similar interests such as Hopskotch Sunday, The Deadly Vernis, Rebelline, and Spencer Tracy joined and helped develop the group into a more structured art collective.

…….Even as we continue to grow in number, our main goals remain the same, to enjoy the times we have, help each other out, and to take the snoot out of the art and music scenes so everyone is able to enjoy them and hopefully learn from them. Being stubborn towards change is the poison of the world. Ask yourself, in this system that has long imposed your moral instincts, do you see the problems we are facing as the buckle of the Bible belt? Or do you believe we have progressed with such old ideals? Do you know yourself and your neighbors? Are you the killer next door? Please check us out and enjoy! THEKND represent 2000-beyond.

With Most Respect,

Mr Haveldids and Nots, Father Phil